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Thread: More wtf's

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    More wtf's

    Let's take three screws out of the b-vent and not put them back...
    Attachment 279381

    If only they sold something that could twist the wire together, hold it in place and keep it from grounding...
    Attachment 279391

    They draft better when the hood covers half the whole...
    Attachment 279401

    Was that clearance deal 3" or 30", I'll play it safe and go for three...
    Attachment 279411

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    a chain saw will take care of that clearance issue
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    Great pictures.........the techs from the first two picture are the fastest guys in town.

    Oh, I forgot, they need to go back when caught.

    They can't be too proud of their work, can they?

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    Gotta love the air handler accessibility on pic number three.
    I love overtime I just hate working for it.

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