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    new to forum

    Hey everyone. I joined this site a couple of months ago. I was in the HVAC field from 1985 to 1997. I got back into doing some maintenance for a Real Estate company I was working for in 2009 and decided I wanted to get back into the trade. I took the exams for the Class B ac contractor in March and just recently got my State of Florida Certified license. I have been in Real Estate for the last 8 years. I am going to buy a 10 ft box truck and start running service myself. Right now I will just work by myself but hope to be able to get enough work here to hire someone and run another truck in about a year or so. I also did alot of residential installations and replacements back in the day. I am really looking forward to my new business and participating in this forum.

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    Welcome here!!!!!!!!! Where are all the slackers that won't welcome you???

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    hell, first time I've seen this one

    there are a few from florida spread out on this board
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