Given the Obama administration’s proclivity to pull a stunt in an effort for more gun control many think that Fast and Furious was an attempt to send guns to Mexico to create a non-existent gun running problem so more gun control could be accomplished.

Got to thinking today that the Aurora, Colorado massacre could be another such government created event. Think about this;

1) The shooter was masked so we don’t know if the shooter was actually Holmes himself or a stand-in.

2) The preparation and planning done ahead of time was not something most individuals would think of or perform. However, the CIA, Department of Justice or a similar government group could easily come up with the idea and carry it out. How many individuals have what it takes to plan, carry out and even booby trap their apartment to such a degree? Does not seem to add up to me.

3) Holmes is a mystery character. Would not the government choose a patsy that seems to have such an blank background?

4) The next one is the one thing that set me thinking about this at all. Holmes seems to be drugged up to the point that he seems to not have a clue what is going on. He was going to the university learning about stuff like mind control and could have been selected by some black ops government agency as the patsy and now is do drugged up that he could not tell you who he is much less understand he is framed.

Just thinking, not saying this is so, just thinking.