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    Cooling fan reversing direction

    I just replaced the cooling fan motor and dual output capacitor for my HVAC unit. Both the cooling fan and the compressor use the same dual output capacitor. The fan has reversible start windings, depending on whether I want CW or CCW rotation, so I got it going the correct direction when I hooked it up. However, every time it starts, it rotates the opposite direction from the previous startup. I checked the line and running voltage, amperage draw, etc, and all looks perfect according to nameplate data, but it just keeps reversing. Any ideas why this is happening?

    The fan is an Emerson 42 FR Con 1/5 HP 460 v, and the static line voltage is 445v, running voltage 443v when both the compressor and fan are running. Nameplate amps are 10A for the compressor and 0.7A for the fan, and they actually pull 9.5A together, so everything looks right. Startup amps are only 10.5A so no excessive draw during startup.

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    Sorry no DIY advice can be given at this forum.

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