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    I've seen linesets thru duct numerous times.

    Since the lineset was run through a hole in the furnace unit, and the front of unit is flush to the wall, that's the only place they could run the lines. no where outside the unit to run them sometimes.
    designer of the trailer persons running the duct at factory screwed up and ran the duct under the front of furnace.

    trailer duct is crummy anyway, look like hacked w/ scissors and tap ins beat into top of ducts, but at least they could seal the hole.
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    I too have seen lines running through the duct in mobile homes. Refrigerant lines, water lines, electrical lines, etc

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    through the duct line set

    Hate to tell you but the orginal poster is 100% correct i have built serviced and worked on all types of mobile homes aka Manufactured homes the correct term since 1995 when homes have to be built to code.
    my own furance in fact has the oil line comeing in through the out side air duct the burner pulls its air from but i have sinced changed this to the proper opening the maker provided for it.
    you would be shocked at what i have seen over the years in thise old homes.
    20 amp brakers on 14/2 wire
    2 bathroom outlets tied in via the out side service outet.
    you name it the list goes on and on

    Quote Originally Posted by PalmettoMaintPro View Post
    are you sure that is the duct I have installed in a bunch of trailers and have never seen that . It looks like the duct work behind the line set to me. Actually to put the line through the duct is usually not possible when the furnace is installed in a mobile home. The furnace has a knock out that sits right on top of the spot for that line set and lets the wires and drain and all that hook up. The space next to the line set is where the electrical box of the furnace sits with the sequencers and stuff in them. The hole goes into a small square duct system. I once again have never seen that and believe me I have done a bunch of trailers. I believe that to be a picture of a normal trailer line-set with a normal crappy particle board floor that got screwed up because of the old crappy furnace leaking every where. Trust me I know , I just got done redoing a single wide that I currently reside in and that too was the case here. The floor was gone because the old furnace had leaked everywhere. It had been so long since my furnace had ran that it had stuff making nests in it. They get hacked i just don't think what you are saying is possible and would have to see a picture of the lines actually going through the duct and not a picture of the lines and electrical connection for the furnace going through the floor like they do in every single trailer in the world. Sorry man I just don't think the guy that did this originally is at fault only because I can take you through every trailer park in the south and in almost every one we are going to see the same thing. If you show me the underside of the trailer with the black under wrap cut away and the duct work exposed I will believe you if not then this is what I told y'all .

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