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    York Economizer issue?

    I have a York D2EN036N that is having intermitant cooling failures. I am the second or third tech sent out to look at it.
    On arrival unit blower was running no compressor. Power in to Y1 and Y2 at relay board.(031-00880-001) from stat. red light on top of board is on.
    I killed the power to trace some wires and then re applied power, unit came on and ran normal.
    I turned the power back off and checked some connections in the filter compartment at the economizer, everything looks good and tight. when i turned the power back on unit came right on, I tapped one of the relays on the relay board and it droped out the compressor, so I was thinking bad relay board. I now think I should have spent a little more time with it.

    I do not have that much time in with economizers.
    I am new to the company and dont want to have to eat crow.

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    The settings for the economizer control module needs to be set first. If this is a Simplicity controls board you may need to verify control strategy, but you will need software and a pin cable for the connection. It is possible that the existing strategy needs to be set up for your specific application. Most of the time in a low ambient condition the economizer is used as a first stage, depending on comparative enthalpy. You will need to verify that a low ambient condition or an OSA sensor with a degraded performance is not locking out the compressors.

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    replace everything to be sure,darn lightning strike!
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    I had this same problem with a York rtu recently and found the problem to be a loose pin in the plug connection above the coil that goes to the economizer. Pull them out where you can see them and check all of the pins.
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    I have seen alot of newer York economizer module failures recently. If you unhook the 24V coming into the module, it will act the same as if the economizer was not there, and the unit should run just mechanical cooling.

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