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    Issue with a Vulcan Gas Fryer KleenScreen

    I dont have a exact model number atm.

    Its a 2 Vat fryer that i was told to go replace a Ign. board, Ign. Cable, and the Spark assembly. Its a Fenewel board.

    From what im told the Original Issue was it going into a Ignition Lockout. The original board/cable wouldn't arch to the electrodes.

    So I installed the new parts and same thing would happen, the first time i turned the unit on it would try to ignite then go into lockout, the 2nd time when it would start up and go into melt, the board would just reset itself and repeat the same thing.

    If I unhook the cable to the electrode and hold it close to ground it does arch, and the board does NOT rest itself. Im thinking its got to be some kind of ground issue ? On the ignition board there is a ground terminal but there was nothing hooked to it. Im going to go out tomorrow (i think) and go though this with tech support, just looking for some ideas.

    I noticed the gasket that goes between the vat and the ignition assembly is missing, could that cause this issue?

    I think this is the board, only mine is a green PCB,00.html#
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    I do not know what model you are working on .... If it has a probe for temp to the board you will need a chart to check for proper operation. Bad probes can do strange things. I have found some thermostat boards on vulcan with bad solder joints to transformer cause melt temp issues.

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