I'm an in house HVACR technician for a McDonald's franchise. I'm the only one in the company that does HVACR. I'm an employee not an independent contractor.

I only get overtime after 8 hours if the call was placed the same day after 12pm. If I have a week day off and get called in for an emergency I do not get overtime. If its a weekend, however, I do. They told me if I work over 8 hours in a day I have to put the extra hours on a different day on my time card so they don't have to legally pay me overtime. I'm paid 1/2 rate for picking up parts, drive time, paperwork/administrative tasks.

Is this normal/fair? Do you guys get overtime after 8 hours in one day regardless of when the call was placed? Are you guys on call every single week? Do you get paid the same rate for administrative stuff? Do you get commission on parts or profit share?