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    The xl19i seems like it would be a very efficient system, but expensive. How about installing a 3ton and a 2ton system and only running the 2ton system for the 10 days or so a year that is is needed. I assume that maximum $$ efficiency would be achieved by running the smaller system most of the time, rather than cycling a 5 ton system. Comments?

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    They make 2 stage systems now, ask your dealer.

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    trane 19i

    I have a single 4ton in my house...
    I actually pull about 17.75 seers out of it...

    with 19 seer equipment, anything above 3 tons and you will not actually get 19 seer..

    I believe in 2 system, because one is going to break...

    I WOULD go with a 2 and 3 ton system versus one 5 ton... 5 tons are not efficient...

    as a dealer who just installed a 19i... retail it is not worth it for you.... equipment too expensive, it'd take 15 years plus to make up difference.. with trane the 14i is really nice and affordable... but if you'd like a little something better go for the 15 or 16i.... both use 410a refrigerant.. and if I am correct both unload to make it multi stage... where as my 4 ton 19 seer actually has a 4 ton and 2 ton compressor in it... they share a discharge line so if I ever have a bad burn out I need to change both compressors... not bad for me.. but VERY expensive for you as consumer...

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    Whereabouts in the N.O. area are you?

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