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    appion mega flow system

    Does anyone own the whole system. i have been wanting to buy this but am still a little unsure. my current setup definitely sux and needs to be changed though.

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    yes, i have had mine a couple years now and very happy. true tech sells several kits of different levels and i would say get what you can afford and add more later,,

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    Yes, spendy but worth it! I dont use it on the small jobs res jobs as much, but most all commercial jobs yes.
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    what is a mega flow system

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    The best one to buy is the "Rapid Evac Kit" True Tech Tools sells. Use it with the BluVac micron gauge and it cuts your evacuation time at least in half. One of my favorite tools!

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    Mega Flow kit is the mutts nuts.

    I've had mine about 6 weeks now and its saved my ass on numerous occasions. Last week I was doing a diagnostic on a pos carrier heat pump. Hooking up my suction hose to the service port and it broke loose, dumped the entire charge ...oh F**K!!

    Not to worry i sweated in new service port, pulled vacuum and charged system back up in a hour and change. Most of that time was spent running to and from van to get parts and equipment. Point is, pulling a triple vacuum below 500 microns used to take hours, now it takes 10-20 mins.
    I never really saw the point of fast evacuation but... bottom line:

    1) It will save you time.
    2) You can triple evac in the time it used to take to pull 1 vacuum.
    3) Anything you can buy to help you finish on time AND do a better quality job is worth it.

    I'm about to buy the TEZ8 to complete my setup, its probably the most expensive vacuum pump ever made but i've got a screaming hot deal (sub-$750, no tax) at my local supply house. I should point out i've bought $3000+ of tools from said house so its about time they gave me a break!
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    Appion TEZ 8 Vacuum - This is worth every penny. I would buy one for the whole company if it was my company.
    Appion MegaFlow Speed Kit - This plus the vacuum has taken my 4 to 6 hour vacuums and turned them into 30-45min vacuums.
    and soon I will be adding this Fieldpiece SMAN4
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