I am a first time user to the site so I hope I'm in the right place but here is my question. I had to replace a coil on old r-22 system today and I got really weard readings when I was finished. In order to help I will give all info. The new coil was 36 and the condensor was also a 36. The new coil was a piston but did needs to changed to the correct size. The duct work was above a finished ceiling so I couldn't see how big it was. I can also tell you that I don't know exactly why the old coil was condemned. After I was finished I looked at my guages and I was getting a 45 indoor coil. And a 145 condensor. Im pretty certain that the condensor was only a 10 seer and obviously the indoor coil was a 13 seer. I did not add any r-22 In fact I reclaimed some for fear of condensor going off on high limit. Any thoughts?