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    I just had a Rheem Seer 14 system installed with a variable speed fan (models RPPB042JAZ and RBHK24J11NFD). I've noted several potential install problems (in descending order of importance):
    (1) the variable fan cycles on and off just like my old non-variable system. The unit seems to pass quickly through the low speed and gears up to high speed and remains there until it cycles off. I was led to believe that the unit would run for longer periods, spending most of the time at low speed for better temp & humidity control. The blower unit located in a louvered hallway closet is so loud that I need to turn up the TV when the unit comes on.
    (2) the contractor installed what appears to be a relatively cheap plastic pad on top of my old cement pad (for the outside unit) and used plywood to support/level the pad (what happens when the plywood rots away???).
    (3) the new wall thermostat is smaller than the old unit and was installed off-set, leaving a visible hole in the wall that I now need to patch (is leaving holes in walls usually left to the homeowner to fix?).

    All comments greatly appreciated.


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    1 blower may need to be adjusted

    2 pad will sink when plywood rots

    3 yes

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    Do you have a humidi-stat installed???
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    Is the louvered door being used as the return?

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    (1) Did you take a good look at the paper with pictures on it? Home owners should look at the pictures. Them there motors can be set for many applications. Loud? That's the sound of comfort! Nah, there are many ways you can absorb the sound.
    (2) Those plastic pads? Believe me, they ain't cheap. Plywood ain't too smart.
    (3) I'sa a/c man, I ain't no painter or no sheetrocker. You don't want me to fix your hole or paint! I'sa a/c man!

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    May be they just didn't set the DIP switches on the blower, or could be undersized return opening.

    If the plywood isn't pressure treated its going slant in a few years.

    They should have put a decorative back plate on that covers the hole in the wall.
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    1) the problem with it running on high speed all of the time sounds like there is not a 2 stage Thermostat installed, or it is not wired properly. The unit has no idea of room temp with out the tstat telling it when to go into low speed. Installer may have missed that part.
    It being loud is due to the return through the slats of your door...a regular return would quiet it down, but may not be an option in your case. I would have to see your house in order to properly suggest solutions to the noise. But if it were working on the multi-speed levels, then it would be less noisy when in low cool.

    2) plastic pad is fine....but the wood should go (or will in time)

    3) Wallplate is the way to fix that problem, but HVAC techs do not repair holes.

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    Follow-up to questions

    Thanks for the responses that I've received so far. Here are some follow-up answers:

    *Do you have a humidi-stat installed???
    Answer: I'm not certain yet I don't believe so. They installed a simple temperature thermostat and I can see no other variable controllers on the system. Since I live in Florida, having humidity settings would be nice.

    *Is the louvered door being used as the return?
    Answer: Yes, air returns to the blower unit closet through 2 standard-size louvered door panels as well as a 2'x 2' grid-covered wall opening. Although there appears to be plenty of openings for air to return, those same openings allow blower noise to get out. Given the location of the blower type of air return, possibly the salesperson should have steered me towards a quieter system? Though I did not consider the noise issue when I was choosing a system, I did ask the salesperson if a Trane unit might be a better way to go, and he replied that he felt the Rheem was best for my application. However, I went to the Trane website and, sure enough, they are bragging about how quiet both their indoor units are.

    * Also, to clarify, this is a heat pump system.

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    Bro....2 things

    1) open up the closet door, see how much of a difference that makes on your noise level.

    2) what kind of thermostat? 1 stage, 2 stage, any info on your paperwork?

    I lied 3 things
    3) Call installer, ask him about the "ODD" terminal. (On Demand Dehumidifaction)

    A majority of installers have no idea what the ODD terminal is, nor how to set the dip switches

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