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    I think I would have a look at the txv also. Some come adjustable and if someone has already been in the unit they may have played around with the adjustment.

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    If your freeze time is max and you have small ice think water first then refrigeration. If your freeze time is normal or short and small ice think board or float. I suspect you have more then one issue here. The high head could be the cause of small ice, if you have max freeze time, but is only a symptom of the actual problem. That being said if what you posted earlier, clean coil etc, nothing wrong with pulling charge replacing drier and weighing in charge the have a solid base to move forward from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy knocker View Post
    Check defrost time. If evap is flaking it may not release the ice properly and you ice is being melted away before release. Regardless if the evap is flaking that's the #1 issue. Those flakes are going out with the ice and being consumed by customers. Good luck

    Just to let you know (original poster), the defrost time is the harvest cycle on an i/m. I only say this because you said that you haven't worked on many.

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