What do you guys think of this? I worked on a unit close by with its own issues. This is on a medium sized commercial building. I didnt even want to look at it, until they ask me to...
EPR, 5 ton 13 seer 208/1 Heat Pump. Coil most likely a 5ton fixed orifice. Messed up line sizes, 5/8 liquid, 1 1/8 suction.. Again gulp, 125' + of lineset, yes I know a txv is required..
Without even looking, or being asked to look at it, I feel it probably has a clogged screen at the orifice, poor piping design, and mix matched coil/condenser seer ratings, plus requires a txv, when a orifice is being used.

I'm basing these conclusions on the unit I worked on nearby. I expect the pictured unit to fail soon, which will get thrown onto one of our guys.