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    Confused Window Unit Trips Circuit Breaker

    4 or 5 year old 12,000 BTU Sharp window unit trips the circuit breaker on the surge protector every fifteen minutes or so. Only time it didn't trip was on cooler nights when it probably didn't need to be on anyway. Tried a hard reset: no change. We were dying from heat and so purchased an almost identical unit (a little newer) that exhibits none of these problems and works fine so far with no breaker tripping. However, I don't want to throw away the original unit if there's something I can do as I really need it in other parts of the house if the problem is fixable. Neither one is really strong enough to cool the area by itself either. Help with this issue would be much appreciated. Note: It might have tripped the house breaker before the surge protector was introduced. Can't remember. Also, we clean the filter regularly.
    Thanks In Advance,

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    Surge protector may not be rated to handle the power requirement of the window unit.

    Window units are supposed to be operated on a dedicated electrical circuit, with no other loads plugged into the same circuit. If you were running that unit on a surge protector, were there also other things plugged into that same surge protector?
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    No other devices on the surge protector (SP is something like 30,000 Jules so is not junk at least) If I remember correctly, I added the surge protector so I wouldn't have to go outside and flip the actual house breaker.
    Regardless, the new unit does not trip either. That has to be some kind of clue, no?
    (Sigh) Very frustrated.

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