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    i am building a new house in the n.e. and one of the potential hvac guys is proposing geo to run the a/c and a condensing boiler to run the heat and dhw. i wanted the boiler anyway (not a trusting guy) and the hvac guy said i could save some INSTALLATION dollars if i wanted to only have the geo for the a/c. good idea? bad idea? what questions should i ask? thank you all - i learn so much from this forum.

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    Save more money

    By using the geo system properly- use a water to water geo heat pump and have it supply warm and cool water for the air side fan-coil/heat recovery unit and other heating system elements, and use the boiler as the peak heating/temperature touch-up heating element. This way you can have a properly balanced geo-exchange field for heating and cooling, and likely save even more operating cost $$.

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    In PA we have a higher heating load than cooling,the GEO give 60K heat so we back it up with a boiler and also GEO can not keep up with domestic water demand on White Glove showers.

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    In SouthWest Ohio we use the geo backed up with some electric heat. Anything but gas

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    You should consider a geothermal heat pump, It will heat and cool and supply hot water. Some sends the free hot water to the HWT, Some uses it to warm the garage or drivway. You can use electric as a backup or you can use dual fuel.

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