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im saying my pressures are in range of where they should be for a 90 deg day. Pressure alone is not a good diagnostic metric. they are not indicating a problem but the line set temp is stuck at 80degs I assume that you mean the suction line temperature.which is not in range and i said the needle goes into retard when charging a r-22 unit with r-22 gauges not pass retard but when you close your valve the needle should quickly go back up not take 3mins to go back up ( i replaced the valve core as well). I think this is a red herring. Forget it for now. the unit is 12 yrs old So what? and is just now having a problem, its not a airflow problem and it doesn't matter how much more freon i put in, the pressures will keep going up like normal but the line set temp will not budge. After i replaced the liquid line dryer and got my head pressure down the compressor doesn't overheat anymore and has been running for 3 days but still the evap only gets cold and sweats on the bottom of the coil, its completely dry on the top half. It doesn't matter what my cfm, wetbulb or temps are, the coil should be saturated top to bottom. for some reason the freon is just not flooding the coil. Im leaning toward a compressor problem.
I've made some more notes in red. I was in a hurry earlier to go to dinner with my family.

I also highlighted what I believe to be the error in your logic in blue. Could you please explain to me why you believe that a compressor problem, with what you claim to be "perfect pressures" could be causing your problem?

The compressor is pumping, you needn't ask more from it at this point in time.

As requested, please take the requested readings and post back. We'll explain what the problem is and WHY we know it to be the problem from the information that you haven't yet provided.