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    Im guessing yes!

    Owner of HVAC contractor in our area, responsible for upkeep and warranties of HVAC equipment for the most lucrative new home builder in area, says no way.

    quote : "The ones the (utility co.) use are upwards of 600$!". Yeah like he couldnt afford it buddy. He found it amusing that I would ask for their techs to bring one after a first visit without one.

    I asked "doesnt your installers have to check for CO in the flues on new install?" and I got some generic answer.

    Am I way off base thinking a precision low level CO detector is standard on every HVAC service truck??

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    In my area my boss and I are the only 2 people I have met in 13 years that have combustion analyzers.
    I know a handfull of people that have CO detectors, usually just the Fluke probe that plugs into a multimeter.

    I don't keep my combustion analyzer on my truck in the summer.

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    The company I worked for required all techs to have co detectors, combustion analyzers with printers, and Inspectors (camera and monitors with VCR's) recovery units, vacuum pumps (Two stage 5cfm or better) electronic physcrometer, etc. We bought them and the company would pay upkeep on them.

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    We carry combustion analyzers & low level monitors both in our vans.

    Very rarely do I walk into any setting without that low level monitor in my bag.
    Have you set up a Google alert for Carbon Monoxide yet?
    Click here to find out how.

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    I have a belt mounted unit set to alarm at 10PPM. It is approved for use in mines and set me back approximately eight hundred. I have it calibrated every two years.
    In 15 years it has saved my life 3 times for sure. In two of the cases there were small children in the home when after heading down the basement steps it started to alarm and before I could get back upstairs was reading over 300PPM.
    If your boss won't supply you with a good unit buy it yourself and write it off to your personal "I value my life more than my boss" account. If you can't justify that then stop and think how I've felt everytime seeing those kids still out playing in their yards.

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