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    Unhappy Another new XV95 that vibrates

    I also had a new Trane XV95 installed in early July. It replace an 18 year old Carrier unit that was still working. That was probably a mistake.

    The new Trane unit has a variable speed fan. I wanted to run the fan at low speed to keep air moving with the hope I might mix the air from downstairs and upstairs and keep the temp. in the house more uniform on each floor.

    When the speed on the fan is let's say "ramping up," it vibrates excessively; you can see everything attached moving. Once the fan speed "ramp up" is over, there's still a vibration in everything that's attached to the unit, but you have to put your hands on the unit to feel the vibration.

    If it were a car I'd say the wheels needed to be balanced. Logically, I'm thinking anyting that vibrates while it's running is probably not good.

    I would appreciate hearing from others with experience regarding my concerns.

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    It needs to have vibration isolators under it, they would look like cork/rubber squares under unit. Do you see them?

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    The vibrations isolators are in place. 90% of the vibration occurs as the vairable speed motor starts ramping up speed. Once it ramps up it still vibrates, just not nearly as much.

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    Sounds to me like the blower wheel ils out of balance. I have yet to have aproblem with one.

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