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    R22a refrigerant

    I know this site does not encourage DIY questions but I was a bit embarrest at the arrogant and haughty post to a DIY er who asked a question. Please guys you are supposed to be professionals here. You are also in the service business. I do hope you don't talk to your customers the way I saw you answer a DIYers question. The R22a is not a problem with r22 and it is not explosive any more so than r22. Why not check with the manufacturer for the facts as I did. All this hype about r22 phase out is about money in the end. I am 70 and was in the industry for 30 years. I do keep up with what is going on and help friends and family when they need it. So please be a little more professional when you answer a home owner even though they might ask a question you don't want to answer on this site. Just be polite and direct them to another site like DIY. This profession does not need to give the impression that they are a bunch of arrogant smart alecs. Thanks

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    When there is money involved we turn nice! I don't see any money on the table.

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    Pretty shallow if that is the only reason you can be civil to people.

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    Isn't R22a made of hydrocarbons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skicoops View Post
    Just be polite and direct them to another site like.....
    This is a site primarily designed for professionals within our industry and we frown upon individuals that have no business with things that may get them hurt, killed or their equipment damaged further.

    We have no issues answering basic questions and are here to offer some "basic" advise to home/business owners, but that is it.

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    The company I work with has had a serious issue with Ecofreez ef22a. I can say without a doubt that it is flammable...highly flammable actually to the point that a leak coupled with a spark may and most likely will ignite it. I would avoid using it at all costs and am hoping that any technician replacing r22 with ef22a will at the least label the equipment.

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    I've heard it called internetahole syndrome, its sometimes easy to forget its an actual person on the other side of the screen, I know I'm new here and I'm not saying we should give away for free the knowledge that puts food on our tables, (I always hate hearing a customer say they can get the same part on the internet for x amount $ less) but please be a professional, one internetahole makes all of us look bad.

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    I'm a bit afraid of asking my question too. I'm no professional and I shouldn't be either. But I raise buffalo with my father and it's my "job" to keep the freezers running. We've hired some local 'techs' but I've been less than impressed with their skillz. It's disheartening to have a pro come out with his van, hook up his gauges on a non-running freezer (compressor not going) and say it's "a little low on freon" when the pressure is what it should be at the ambient temp. Then he got upset when I suggested it could be only vapor in the system or completely full of liquid refrigerant and it'll read the same pressure. And we still get a hefty bill for his "services". The other guy said the compressor was bad on a small freezer and he was right. Since we're rather poor people, my dad asked if it (semi hermetic) could be rebuilt. Nope, the guy claimed there was stuff under high pressure in there and it's dangerous to try to take it apart. I ordered a gasket kit, connecting rod since original was broken, and valves. Total cost was around $ to rebuild it myself. Anyway, I'm a DIY only sort of person, but it's not like I have good local techs to call. Plus I just like to learn new hands-on things. Our big freezer is a ThermoKing SBIII, our walk-in is an old R-502 Copeland unit, our truck is a 404a Copeland and it's the one I can't figure out right now. Other than that we just have a few small 2 and 3 door reach in freezers.

    "When you must kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite." - W. Churchill
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    caskratos.There is another guy on this site with the same avatar

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