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hvacker, as long as you understand that all politicians are in bed with corporations, even the ones who claim they are combating corporate greed and power, some of your points are valid.

I wouldn't make the distribution to all politicians yet but with the Court's decision on campaign funding the day has come that w/o corporate funds no one can afford to run for office.
Who was it, Rockefeller maybe, who said "The business of America is business." To the working stiff this can be misinterpreted to seem like what's good for business is good for me. It just that many corporations have a much broader and far reaching idea of what "business" incompasses. It's easier to be above the law when you create the law.
We've seen corporates create wars in other countries to insure friendly governments for their companies, use our military to protect their private assets, involvement in assassinations and use every politician available to convince us that it's all in our best interests.
When was the last time we had a righteous war?
One thing about getting older is you've earned the right to be cynical.