Been awhile but a new customer has a roof full of em and the Gymanasium 30.5 ton has left me wondering.

Here we have a 7.5 ton txv 5/8 inlet, being fed with a 1/2" line, no bushing, just the 1/2" pushed into the 5/8 at an angle and filled (mostly) with braze, this one had a pinhole on the braze and lost it's charge.... 3yr old unit. The other 3 tx's are identical.

Repaired, replaced filter drier, pressure tested w/nitrogen and vacumed down to 500 mic's. Weighed in 296 oz (18.5lbs) R-410A per tag and started, do not recall high head, returned 4 days later to check and found off on high head. Re-checked pressures and found @ 78 deg outside, 74 inside, 420/125 psi, 22 degrees sub, 12 deg superheat at comp. The circuits that remained operating I had previously topped off after cleaning both plugged condensers that had been plugged for ??? and found low after, to 350 head. Those are operating at 10-12 degree subcooling. Pulled 3 lbs out of the first circuit, and checked the 4th and found it high as well (this circuit was also off on high head with the plugged coil) pulled 3 lbs out of that one as well and now have all 4 operating around 350/120 with 10-12 sub and 12 super at the comps........WTF?? Running bout 16-17 amps on all legs 25 FLA.

My scale is less than 1 yr old, and the 4th circuit was over as well.

I've braze adapted in a pinch, but this is factory.

Well......... job security!

I will say this, it was very easy to access and repair. On second thought, wtf am I complaining about?