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I know you didnt mean that. But winter mold from sweating inside the ducts is the problem the original poster asked about, and I was just messing with you.

Also, I have a three row coil in my ac and it keeps the house nice and dry. How cold you get the air determines how much moisture is removed, not how many rows of coils.
Hi I agree. What I meant is a deeper coil give you better contact hence better for dehum. When you have a look the coil in an operating theater AHU you'll normally find it comes with 6 rows coil. Of course its with chilled water as well to bring down the off coil conditions n better dehum. (This is based on a hotter n more humid climate.) At the end of the day its depend on how much latent the coil need to meet. A residential situation its probably not that much of a problem if you r not talking a massive amounts of fresh air/moisture. Of course you still need to insulate your ductwork properly to lag the heat transfer n minimise chances of condensation. Sorry off topic a bit.