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    Confused TXV or EXV for a mini-split ductless system??

    I am getting conflicting information and hoping that someone could clarify:

    In order to get a utility rebate for my new ductless, mini-split air/air heat exchanger (cooling and heating), the utility requires that the installer indicate on a form that a "TXV or EXV" was installed.

    However my installer tells me that this question can't apply to such systems, as they arrived fully manufactured with all required parts in place to work as specified in its ratings. According to him, if such systems required a TXV or EXV it would arrive with one in the unit already, and if they don't require it, it wouldn't, and he would have know way of knowing which it is. He says that if one were installed after the OEM, it would have to be done somewhere in the guts of the unit, and getting in there to install one would probably void the warranty.

    So if someone could confirm or provide more information I would appreciate it. Should I find an installer who knows that a minisplit would perform better with a TXV or EXV and be willing to install one, or tell the utility that the rules of their rebate program don't make sense?


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    utility company has no idea what equipment is being installed or what manufacturer when they do the forms. There are still systems that utilize piston metering devices. With mini-split systems we simply put "YES" where it asked if a TXV or EXV was installed. Once they see the make/model of the system, it should be a no-brainer for them. We have never had one kicked back.


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    It has depends on the system installed. HTe term minisplit covers a wide range of equipment. However, I don't think you have a choice in the matter and the metering device should be integrated.

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    Post brand and model number of the unit. One of he members may know which it comes with.
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    To answer the question: The interior/wall unit is a Fujitsu ASU18RLF, and the exterior a AOU24RLXFZ

    (However my installer's point is similar to that of the GregP's post: The utility themselves should tell by the make/model information that it would NOT be correct or necessary to field install a TXV or EXV, and so shouldn't insist that the installer basically tell a white lie by requiring that they check "yes" in the form in order to get the rebate. I just wanted to make sure my installer knew what he was talking about, which it sounds like he does from the posts so far...thanks.)

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