This one has some history to it. Last fall we were contracted to add in-floor and unico to a new sunroom addition in a very nice neighborhood. well the GC stole a bunch of money, we never got paid. We were contracted by the new GC to finish the job, and we did. Added a 6" takeoff, with damper, in the attic and ran it out to the new sunroom, with some unico taps off of that.

Well this was in march, we finished the job and I left the damper closed until the construction was finished. Got a call last week, that they were ready to have cooling, so I sent a kid out, open the damper. got a call about 4 hours later that the whole first floor was not cooling. The homeowner had another contractor in (for whatever reason), he inspected all the units and said they were working fine. he told the homeowner that i had installed the wrong ductwork, i didn't not install unico ductwork and the addition was sucking all the air from the whole house.

I ran out, closed the damper (as the room was still blocked off with plastic and didn't have an return air. (really didn't get into it as we haven't been paid a red cent for this job, and she apparently didn't want to use us for service. Told her I would come back and balance the system when they were all done. This was friday.

Had a message Monday morning, the whole 1st floor was hot all weekend, that i didn't install the duct-work right and that was messing up the whole house, the other contractor was out again and verified all the equipment was working, that the issues were due to my duct-work being installed wrong, duct leakage.

So I go out there this morning, she shows me the upstairs is cold, first floor is warm and basement is cold. Alright, then she shows me the three thermostats. I go out and walk around the house. Then I went inside and brought her out and showed her the condenser she didn't know she had that serves the first floor, that had a bad condenser fan motor and compressor.

I guess the other guy was too busy blaming me for the "bad ductwork" to take a minute to count the thermostats or take a walk around the house.