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    What would be a normal crawl space temperature in the summer? I live in southern indiana. My crawl space has a vapor barrier over the bare ground and 5 automatic vents. I'm trying to diagnose if I have significant supply ductwork leakage in this area. I would guess that if I do, my crawl space temp will be below normal when the a/c is running. I measure my crawl space temp at 62 degrees with 80% RH. I know the caves in my area run about 52 degrees year round.

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    Thats awful cold and damp, I feel sorry for the joists and main beam (I ought to know, I had to replace 36 joists and a main beam because of a similar problem). I would make sure the ducts are sealed and not leaking and that all vents in the block are closed. Insulating the walls is also a plus. I dont think plastic does a whole lot of anything, but thats my personal experience. once all that is done, a dehumidifier would be nice.

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    A good vapor barrier on the earth is the most important part of moisture control in the crawlspace. Water wicks up from ground water and is endless. 5-10 gallons/day of water will evaporate into a 1,000-2,000 sqft. crawlspace space maintained at 50%RH. Outside vents are the next biggest source of moisture. Keeping a crawlspace at <50%RH also helps the house be dry. Heat transfer from cold ducts in the crawlspace or basement are the major source of cold space. Suggest a good high eff. dehu like Santa Fe Advance for upto 2,500 sqft of crawlspace or basement. Maintains <50%RH regardless of temp. The dehu TB

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