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    Simplicity program download from york

    Having trouble with download for simplicity control program from york. Lost communication with Seimens through the bacnet controller. Our IT dept has tried 3 different programs to decompress the zip file and no matter what they use there's no executable file in the download. Have contacted JCI however I get very little feed back from their tech support.

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    When you refer to "Simplicity" download what are you talking about ?

    York used to use an OEM installed controller by that name that was just a re-branded JCI UNT1100 series device. Is that what you have or is it something newer/different ?

    Maybe a picture of it ?

    If it's the JCI device the "zip" file may contain 1 to 4 files with *.cfg, *.asc, *.ddl and *.prn extensions none of which are executable. If that is what you have you will need the JCI Mtools software and an interface device. Or I could be completely wrong !
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    Talked with tech support at Johnson controls and after 2 hours figured out that this download is a known problem. Zip file can't be properly downloaded without 2 executable files from Microsoft. Software download is at the York website if you google simplicity software York. You try and good luck. It seems like Seimens and JCI being competitors makes it harder for the end users. I like to be diverse and not unitary. Everything has pros and cons.

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