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    Hi strange thing happened today. I had called a large ac place friday for a renthouse hvac unit that wouldnt come on. It was late friday so girl that answered phone asked if a service call monday morning would be ok, I said sure, see 'em then.

    Monday 8am a nice clean cut guy showed up, did various tests to the unit, concluded it needed a new thermostat, ok fine put it in. I was impressed by his friendliness, promptness and attention to detail when checking the unit out. He checked the outside and inside units, took probably hour and half. He had tracked some dirt inside and even went to great pains to clean it up even when I told him no big deal just leave it.

    So anyway I tipped him twenty five dollars, no big deal I thought. He went on his way, I went on my way. Later in afternoon I got a call from the owner of the company. He attempted to chew my butt out for tipping "his" employees. I remained calm and let him try to explain his position. His position was that he paid his people enough as it was ($14hr) and that when people give them tips it just makes them want more tips or worse a raise in pay.

    So I let him state his case then it was my turn. I told him I couldnt believe a person was so damn ignorant and cheap to whine if one of his employees got a small tip for good service. Told him I would never use his company again, he hung up.

    So, did i make a cardinal sin in the hvac business by tipping this guy? Is it not very common to do this? Or did i run into a complete jerk a-hole of a owner of a hvac business?

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    Not real common, but totally acceptable. Maybe you should get the tech's personal # and call him directly. His boss sounds like an AZZ-hole.

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    That boss is crook or an idiot.

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    My guys get tips all the time: money, pickles (homemade sweet ones!), cookies, fish, towels (that was a first, happened Friday) dinner, lunch, vegetables to name a few. Oh, can't forget the hot blueberry cobbler and ice cream!

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    Small tips are common.

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    I never tell the manager about tips. What good could come of it.

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    The mere fact that the guy`s boss called you up to chew you,a customer, a new one over the phone speaks volumes about his personality.

    I can only imagine what the tech went through when he told his boss.

    I hope the guy leaves his sorry a$$ and goes where his work ethic is appreciated.
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    We're not allowed to accept anything of value- company policy. Never had a cash tip offered, but I have taken home many wonderful baked goods, fresh asparagus, and the like. I never heard or thought of tipping for this sort of profession before, but I guess it's like any other service profession- good work deserves a little bonus. I feel it would make the service person feel very good about him/herself and maybe even strive to do thorough service all the time and not necessarily expect a tip.

    My wife tipped the guy who ground a stump from our back yard last year. He went out of his way to keep the debris out of our water feature and was so careful around the flowers and shrubs that she felt he deserved a little extra. I send him business from our own customers saying how he is so careful and reasonable. He deserves to get recognition for his good work. And I deserve all the fresh rolls and cookies I can get my hands on!lol
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    Our techs get tips all the time. Some customers even mail them to us because they did not have anything at the time for the tech. We make sure the tech gets the whole amount.
    Tipping of techs is not expected, implied, required or thought of in any way except this.
    If someone thinks highly enough of a tech to give them a tip from their personal hard earned money, that is the highest compliment a customer can pay, and it is recieved with the most gratitude possible.
    I say sounds like you found a great tech. Hope you stay with the tech...even though the owner is a jerk.

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    when i was in service i would get tips about every two months or so. in range from 100 dollars on christmas morning to fix a no heat to my favorite chocolate covered oreos on every tune-up i did for Mrs. Jones. it was never expected buy always appreciated I would always say that it was not neccessary but then would of course take it. The customer who gave me the 100 bucks said that if i did not take it he would clal my boss and tell him i was a jerk. And you NEVER tell the boss or anyone in the office about any tips that is rule number 1

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    yesterday i got a 100 bucks!!! thats rare though!!!

    mostly during the summer its cucumbers and tomatoes fresh out of the garden!!!

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    You say this was a large a/c company??? I can't imagine how. That has to be a jealous service manager, because I can't believe any owner would be stupid enough to lecture a customer over a tip. That employee can do better.
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    It can be rude to refuse a tip. We're not talking big money here as a rule, it's usually a token, $5, $10 etc, or, as mentioned, cookies, veggies, homemade wine, whatever.

    I HATE the obligatory restaurant, hotel, barbershop tips. By not giving the tip, you're making a statement, so you're kinda coerced into tipping there.

    I know if I offer some worker a tip, say for giving me a tow, or boosting a flat battery, or cleaning my gutters, whatever, I'd be offended if they refused it.

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