m: 48hjd012-h-571hy
I have gone through the site and found countless threads about these relays. And I think i get them and what causes them to trip.

The issue i didnt see addressed is I am having both clos lock out. I reset unit and cycled. both stages were running 68/325psi. split coils and washed out. 68/245 after coils dried out. Got called back to site later in day, find both locked out again. pressures 72/285, ambient 95 store at 88. I have installed manual switches on discharge line to test overnight. If one locks out it shouldnt lock out the second stage( unless a cond. fan motor is dropping out while Im away) cond fan motors running at 1.3 each rated at 1.3
comps running at 17.6 and 15.2 both rated at 17.6.... form the ambient I wasnt concerned it was running at RLA.....

Anything I may be missing. Will be returning to the site in the morning for a revisit and to dig a lil deeper.

Thanx guys