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    I have a 2 zone AC system in my house (no heating). There are many cool evenings I would like to be able to take air from outside and distribute in my house. I know there are some commercial systems that do this, but I was wondering if anyone has heard of a company that supplies a system I could retrofit to my existing York air handler in the attic.

    Many thanks BDX

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    The best idea would likely be a whole house fan, but that's independant of your current system. Relitively easy to install if you're handy with tools.

    Could also install an ERV, but I think that would be too much over kill.

    There are plenty of other things you could do, but I think they'd get a bit too expensive and over complicate things.
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    I agree with amiking reply. If the night and day are cool and dry, turn off the a/c and open the windows. Otherwise if it's humid, keep them closed.

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    You don't indicate where you live, but if you have no heat and just A/C I am thinking it's a lot farther south than north!

    As a homeowner who has learned a LOT here, let me make this suggestion... unless it's bone dry outside and the dewpoint is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay low, leave the windows closed, reconsider spending on such an addition, and get your fresh air by sitting outside before you go to bed.

    Letting all that humidity in overnight will just make your A/C run longer the next day removing all the latent heat (i.e. humidity) that you allowed in overnight. Energy ain't gettin' any cheaper, so why spend just to remove it again?!

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    I saw a study that concluded that opening the windows on a humid night, would cause moisture to be absorbed onto drapes, furniture, carpet etc. The result was an unwanted increase in indoor humidity that lasted through the next day. I believe this was from FSEC (Florida Solar Energy Center) but not certain.

    I think this is true.

    Best of luck -- Pstu

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