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    ok i have 2 questions How good quailty is a haire i just installed one at a house 2 1/2 ton straight cool? and what size wire do i really need to use on the conderson does it really matter and what is a double pole 60 break fine to use?

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    Are you sure you should be installing? You could be endangering people. Not good.
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    Always understood that the installation quality is at least as important (if not more than) the quality of the equipment. How would you rank the installer on this project?
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    Try this novel idea kid, read the instruction manual,
    BEFORE not after installing. And no, a 60 amp breaker is NOT ok for that size unit. Haier quality seems alright, I've installed 4 or 5. They seem alright. You need to do some engineering if you wanna put a hard start kit in the control box, though. No room.

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