ALC is looking at overhauling the modbus IP address lookup table. Curently you can do either of these:


Then have address 5 entered in the driver set equal to an IP address. Problem is what do you do when you have address 5 on two IP addresses that are being read from the same module, you are forced into using the first example on one of them. I wasn't aware of it until today but they are working on figuring out a way to fix this.

In SNMP they do something similar with address snmp://1/s1/. where the /s1/ portion gets replaced with something that is highly repetitive, in this case is the manufacturer enterprise ID which is common to every URL for the device you are talking to.

My idea

Rather than having this lookup table for only IP addresses, and rather than continuing on with the SNMP OID snippet lookup table why don’t we create a universal URL snippet lookup table? It could contain the IP address mentioned below, an OID snippet or any piece of repetitive information like “mtcpip://FLOAT/480”.

Example Table:

In the ANI you would have = /s1/132/s2/ = mtcpip://FLOAT/480132/5/

In the equipment file you would have:


Rather than what you are likely using now: