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    universal nolin freezzer SLH 20

    Hi Guys..

    I hope you can help me.. im looking for the electrical wirring diagram for that freezer model , the diagram is erased and i need to re- wire the defrost system... its an oldy but works just great.


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    The link below has a pdf with the manual and wiring diagram.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob_scheel View Post
    The link below has a pdf with the manual and wiring diagram.
    Thank you Bob! ...and thanks to Austin CC for saving that!

    Universal-Nolin was sold off so many times over the past 15 years or so it's been hard to keep tabs on them. Unfortunately, it appears their last gasp was around 2008-2009 when the newly formed Universal-Nolin LLC went bust and some asian manufacturer took over the plant in Spartansburg.

    So to keep this for the record, here's that PDF as an attachment...not a link:

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    Hi Guys

    Thanks so much, you are life savers

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