I get this question all the time from customers and I give them the advice that I use for myself. I recommend setting back besides hp's with electric backup during heating.

I turn my stat up to 85 in the morn when I leave for work and drop it down to 68 when I get home. My reasoning is, its not running all day costing money and as long as you dont mind dealing with the heat for a while after you get home, this is the least clostly mode of operation. Not to mention the system runs non stop for hrs at peak efficiency instead of cycling all day, drawing start current and running for 5-10 mins before the refrigerant balances out.

Same for heat. The furnace is more efficient after the heat exchanger has had time to warm up. So setting it back and turning it up when u get home should be the best option as well... right?

I feel confident in my reasoning but want to ask more experienced techs if Im right or wrong. For my own sake and for the sake of all the customers who ask my advice.