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Thread: trane xl19i

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    trane xl19i

    what is the average temperature difference between the input and output of the unit. at air handler .

    I know this is a tech question but something seems off.

    at 85 degrees the low side is reporting 50, and the high side is reporting 100

    the coils never really get cold at the air handler unit.

    if the input temp is 80.
    the output temp is 63-67 degrees

    the unit was installed by so called professionals.
    ive notices from other posts that this unit should have an external drier of some sort is that correct? the canister inside the unit apears to be a muffler and is not a drier. SHould there be a drier on the line other than those on the inside of the unit.

    Ive been servicing vehicle ac systems for many years so i know basics

    the biggest thing is at 85 degrees ambient temp at condensor unit. and 80 degrees at the input side of air handler what would propper guage readings be. estimated.


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    The unit has 2 filter driers built into it as well as the muffler you mentioned so an external is not necessary.

    As far as the temps and pressures, that would depend on 1st or 2nd stage, airflow, internal load, and external load. We tipically like to see 18*-22* temp rise across the indoor coil but again that all depends on stage, airflow and load.

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    I assume this is R22? IF it's R22 it is low on both, if R410, it's really, really low. I'd get a HVAC pro out there. Whiel you might know car HVAC, the fact that you're on here asking questions means that you're a little over your head.

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