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    compressor question


    for example a 9000 btu air conditioner is about 900 watts or more

    Is there a way to make the compressor becomes 300 watts ?

    Or maybe is there air conditioner compressors that are 300 watts? because in google i didnt fine any.

    Why i ask that, i want to use it for a small room
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    Quote Originally Posted by caheiman30 View Post
    Best bet would to be get a mini split system

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    Where can i find a sleep system that runs 300 watts? i know there are lot of splits that run on 900 watts

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    you mean the refrigerator compressor in the outdoor unit didn't work
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandyme View Post
    you mean the refrigerator compressor in the outdoor unit didn't work
    Hello Dandy

    Well i didnt try the refrigerator thing yet

    But tomorrow, i will put a post with photo, i want to ask about something and see if it can work or not

    LOL seems you are following my silly posts?

    Cya , take care

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