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Thread: Howdy Fellers

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    Im still self employed is ok, but I remember being allot busier. The economy still sucks here and I don't recommend coming back to this liberal cesspool they call Michigan.
    You did the right thing by going to Texas as I hear/read the economy is much better overdey and the BBQ too.

    Haven't seen Bob in a long time, Im sure he is busy out there...he's got himself a good niche.

    Take care, and in this case, remember that the grass is greener in Texas right now.

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    I was wondering what had happened to you.

    I quite smoking in '93. I used the nicotine patch. Glad I did, too.
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    I quit the cigs in 91... had been kinda on and off them back and forth... Here is what I did: Made myself rules to follow, and tightened them as I went along:
    Rule #1: NO smoking inside the house
    Then a mos later added:
    Rule #2: NO cig before breakfast
    Then a mos later added:
    Rule #3: NO cig after dinner
    Then a mos later added:
    Rule #4: NO cig in the van
    Etc, etc, etc...

    The result was I was down to a less than 2 packs a week... then they started to not taste good anymore... so one day I pitched them and never looked back. I was 39 at the time... now I am closing in on 60 and it was one of the BEST things I did for my health. The other best thing I have done for my health is watching my diet carefully! Lots of fresh veggies and fruits... easy on the bad stuff.

    Texas is a GREAT place if you have the entrepreneurial spirit... or you want to work HARD... and it is HOT. I am kinda happy with Atlanta... it is a bit less pressure and still decent $$$. The standard of living here is cheaper than DFW or Houston... so one does not have to make as much $$$... OR pay as much taxes.

    Best of luck to you in the chiller/boiler world... If I was still in my 30's I would either go for that or the market world... this resi stuff is not a mental challenge... It IS enough physical challenge for me now... so I think I will stay where I am. And I get paid when the job is done... not next week or next mos or 3 mos or collection...

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    Hey D, good to hear you're still kickin.

    As for me, just trying to limp along to the finish line.
    Just got layed off from a place last monday, was only there a month and a half, thru the major heat wave.

    That makes the total 14 contractors in 36 years in the business.
    The longest one for 10 years, the shortest 3 days.
    The last 6 years or so have been off and on, mostly off, very frustrating.

    Still live in the old neighborhood. Ran into an old co worker of yours couple days ago at the market, Chuck. He said he could put in a word for me at his shop, but I told him an old dog like me couldn't handle it, remember all the work you had to put in there, all nighters ect. And supermarket stuff has never been my thing.

    Take care.

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    Tose markets can sure burn a person out, especially a person who cares about his work!

    good luck in the new arena!
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