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    brandnew TRANE AC unit failing HELP

    I purchased a brandnew Trane XL16i unit in December 2011 and ever since the warm weather started the unit has been failing. I live in Tampa Florida.
    The company that installed the unit has been out since April on a weekly basis trying to fix the issue. They replaced Compressor already and some parts on the Air Handler not sure what. They replaced thermostat twice.
    So here is whats happening the unit is programmed to be at 78 during the day when i am not home and programmed to be at 76 when i return at 5 pm.
    Well, when i come home on the hot days (warmer than 88F) outside the unit is not able to manage to cool lower than 80-82. I come home to a HOT home.

    So after 20 attempts min of trying to fix it they just came out again yesterday blaming the Thermostat for the 10th time and said they put the temp on permanent hold of 76F which worked great all day and night until this afternoon around 2:30 pm we saw the thermostat RISING to slowly but surely and its now once again at 80 F.

    I am so over this. I called the manager of the company on Friday and had asked him to call the Field Rep of Trane to see if they replace the failing unit. They supposedly said NO. THey have to try to fix it he said. but how can that be i spend nearly $ on a brand new unit and have a unit that has constantly been failing?????

    Any suggestions? they have changed fan speed so many times so when they changed it yesterday they did somethign it barely cooled our bedrooms. I am so frustrated.
    Condenser Model 4TWX6048E100BA Serial Number 11433NKH1F
    Air Handler TAM7A0C48H41SAA serial N. 11463SF05V

    My home is a single story block home 2280 sqft i asked them to do a load calculation but said it wasnt needed that i needed this size of unit.

    is the unit too small or too big? whats going on ?
    Thanks so much in advance
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    I would want a load calculation .and ask them to do a performance ckeck to verify capacity .did your old unit keep your house cool

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    oh the unit now COMPLETLY shut off now i just went into the attic to see if the red "flow switch" or what it is called is on but its not and plus they just completly cleaned out the "drain line" anyways 2 days ago.

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    no my old unit did not keep my house cool in the hot summer days and i made them aware of that. I askd him before buying to do the load calculation and he said there was NO need for it. So what are my options/choices now?

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    sad part is this is a dealer that handles all of Home Depot's sales and I trusted that

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    Call HD and complain to them. They might be able to get things rolling for you.
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    i had my entire insulated by progress energy right after unit was put in i paid $ XXX i also had a company come out and do a test where they check if im losing any heat/air duct test or what they call it they sealed of my front door and checked the tightness of the house or something and that was all good

    i cant go to HD since i did NOT buy thru home depot i was just told that they normally do all sales at home dept
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    the unit JUST came back on this is so strange something isnt right

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    Ask the technician to write down all of the measurements that he takes in verifying that the unit is working properly.

    Post all of that data here.

    It should include pressures, line and air temperatures, airflow readings, voltages and amperages.

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    thanks much will do he should hopefully come soon bad part is unit came back on so now he still didnt see it when it was shut off. it seems to go off between 3-5:30 pm or not being able to keep up with heat in that hot day time.... sometimes it stays on but just doesnt cool today it completly shut off and just came on about 20 min ago

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    What thermostat?

    I doubt it, but it wasn't supplied by your power company by chance?

    Common sense isn't very common anymore.

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    he said he checked all these number and they were ok yesterday but doesnt have them on him??? he said he has lost sleep over this trying to figure out why the unit is shutting off for these few hours during the day! he has no answer he said since all the numbers are good and when the unit is running it is running good i have to agree BUT they cant figure out why it shuts off every day between 3 pm - 5 pm time range on VERY hot days

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