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Thread: Gadget Boxes

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    Any of you guys carry the plastic trays that slide into you're tool bag? What do you keep in them?

    Mine has wirenuts, electrical connections like stake-on's, some sheet metal screws and some random screws.

    Any insight into some handy stuff you carry in them?

    I've seen electricians with big ones dedicated to wirenuts, screws, machine screws and other stuff, but I was never rally sure what I should have in mine. It just seemed to fill up!

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    the more places you have to keep stuff, the more stuff you'll keep. Tech's collect everything and anything as long as there's a place to store it!
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    caps, cores, wire nuts, stake on connectors, screws, and few romex staples.

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    I have a small one (about 4"x6"x1" thick). I have an assortment of wire connectors, wire nuts, 1/4 and 5/16 screws, a couple fuses, wire staples, and 2 short pieces of heat shrink tubing I found in a crawl space.
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    i have one in my tool bag, and like 7 big ones in my truck to keep organized. i absolutely love htem and i'm a neat freak!

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    I keep a section with #8 pecker pts and tek srews, one with #10 tek screws, one with small nuts for evap fan motors and misc collections. I also have seperate compartment for different sta-kons and humidifier parts. I don't like going up and down ladders too many times and going in and out of houses for small part repairs. I usually replace those 5/16 screws on roof tops with the famous canadian robertson #10 teks, when checking the service panels.
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