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Here's what I have been finding. I keep getting sent back on our installers new installs. When I get there I keep finding overcharged units. Its usually 90 inside and 90-100 outside when they are setting these units. They say they are charging them to 10 degrees subcooling. When I go back the indoor temp is usually 70-80 depending on the person. The outdoor temp is still 90-100. My subcooling is extremely high around 40-50 degrees. I always remove refrigerant to reach 10 degrees subcooling. What is going on here and how can I help them stop overcharging these units?
If they are sincerely trying, they are probably not letting it run long enough before adding and in between shots. The liquid line temp that appears not to be dropping in response to adding Puron can suddenly take a dive quickly if the system is allowed to run long enough.

I usually start cleaning and do pretty work while letting a new install cook for a half an hour, give it a shot and go back to clean up, putting away tanks and tools and loading up the old equipment - coming back periodically to check and give it another shot if needed.