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    well Genduct I thought about pit bulls in the yard
    and super gluing razor blades under the edges of the
    unit, but I'd hate to have to clean up all that blood.

    actually..crime isn't an issue out here in bugtussle.
    I only lock my doors at night.
    now snakes..they have been an issue lately.

    I had enough of crime to make me move here from
    N.O. years ago. It is great..
    do you have some type of protection against thieves
    in Philly?
    I know a guy, who knows a guy who has some pit bull
    puppies. (just kidding you know)

    My unit is on concrete blocks with a pad on top of the
    blocks. when I went to the store to buy trailer tie downs
    for the shed, the guy suggested that instead I use
    the stake outs used to hook dog's leashs to.
    they screw into the ground. so I used 4 on my shed
    and wire tiedowns. dug some holes with the
    post hole digger, mixed up some quikcrete
    and set the stakeouts in cement.

    tomorrow I'll buy some more wire, the stakes and
    the hardware to tie it all down like the shed.
    once the ground dries a little more..but before
    it gets summertime rock hard..I'll tie down the unit.
    still got some quickcrete left.

    I had thought to go over the top of the unit, but SO
    suggested that I tie it down at the bottom of the unit
    instead. so I'll have to get him to show me what he

    I think he thinks it is overkill, that the house
    is protection enough for hurricanes. but
    I saw quite a few horked up central units after
    Katrina/Rita. Anyway, he wants to keep me happy
    so that he will have some peace. LOL.

    didn't mean to hijack your thread mxf..
    what did you decide?
    IMO peace of mind is worth the minimal costs
    to secure the unit.
    Lots of folks here do it since the hurricanes a few
    years ago. In some areas (flood zones) they require
    that the units (& houses) be elevated.
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