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    Disregard my previous post.....

    I'll comment later after its installed and you come back....

    I have refused to put the system in on houses that need ductwork upgrades to prevent stagedown errors!!!! And you want to find some bubba to put that system in your house????
    I wish I had a $1.00 for every response I deleted.....

    1. "your ductwork is too small"
    2. "your system is too big"
    3. "You Need a New contractor" Your's might be okay, but if it's not ME working on your system-your contractor must be a loser-I can see it from here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spenav View Post
    Skippedover, thanks for the warning shots. I will be just fine. You are acting as if I don't have the right to control how and where to spend my money. You really sound like the mafia. I will have two separate companies give me an estimate and take it from there. People like you can make any profession look bad.
    Really? And just who supports the company you want to install your product? No you, that's obvious. Sure, you get to decide where and when to spend your money. You can purchase a scalpel on the internet for about $12. But if you need an operation, do you purchase the scalpel and go searching for someone to do the operation? Likely not because you want a professional when you need to have a scalpel used on you. Well it's no different in the HVAC business, except that the scalpel is bigger so you think you can just hire someone off the street to install and you'll get the same quality. You and the big orange box are a direct attack on the tradesmen in our country. You can do it, we can help is their slogan. Can do what? Take away the plumber's job, the carpenter's, the electrician's? And you're quite right. Some starving sap will come along and install the product for you and perhaps you'll get really lucky and get a good job, though I doubt it. Mafia? I'm not ordering anyone to do anything they don't want to do, especially you. I only told you what I'd do if you solicited my company for the install. If that's Mafia style, what does that make you? You're the one on the attack against HVAC contractors. Those of us who do quality work reject your kind all day long.
    If YOU want change, YOU have to first change.

    If you are waiting for the 'other guy' to change first, just remember, you're the 'other guy's' other guy. To continue to expect real change when you keep acting the same way as always, is folly. Won't happen. Real change will only happen when a majority of the people change the way they vote!

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    Hate to break this to you but, there is NO warranty on Bryant products purchased over the internet. Read the factory warranty. The 288 requires a very specific controller.

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    Thanks rponson. That would have definitely modify my decision had I known that before. I am going to have to try to make the best of a bad situation.

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