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    Where are you, I miss your posts

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    Only my best customers call me for repairs on their fireplaces in August. That seems to be true on this board as well.

    But ---- Labor Day is coming, and with that a whole raft of fireplaces that people can't get to light up.

    I'm seriously considering dumping my repair business and retiring on my well gotten gains at the end of the year, or perhaps in March, 2007 or so. I really have no use for more money and only the government seems especially used to to collecting money from me.

    Seattle Pioneer
    Still here from time to time.

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    Well I have to agree ....... I will miss your posts if your not around much.

    I dont do a lot of fireplaces, but you seem to have the answers and Im always interested in info on any brand you work on.

    You never know when you might run into that type of system.

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