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    Finding Chiller Oil Reservoir Volumes

    Hi folks,
    I have to do a series of calculations that require I know the size of the oil reservoir for a variety of York, McQuay, Carrier, Liebert, etc. chillers and I am having some trouble finding that information via Google. Often I can find a sales catalog or parts/repair manual by searching using the manufacturer's name and chiller model #, but the oil capacity depends on the type and # of compressors and is usually not in the docs.

    For instance, I've discovered how to deconstruct the York model # to get the compressor(s) model # for a given unit, but then any search of the compressor model # gets me no further.

    Can anyone point me to a database, online resource, etc. that would help me find this info? York seems to be particularly unwilling to publish this kind of info.


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    Don't bash York for not publishing information that is not normally sought. Compressor size (in centrifugal chillers) has little to do with oil volume since 1979-80 when York went to the submersed oil pump. All compressors took about the same amount of oil. YT chillers (low pressure) were shipped with 15 gallons of York "C" oil. The actual oil charge was 12.5 gallons. The YK series generally hold 15-20 gallons depending upon the size of the sump which varies slightly between models.

    How accurate do you have to be? If you said 15 gallons for all York centrifugal chillers you'd be close. As I recall most of the YS screws held 10 gallons.

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    The smaller frame York YT centrifugals only took 10 gallons. Trane CVHE/F centrifugals take either 7.5 or 9 gallons, depending on the year of manufacture.

    A Turbocor compressor chiller takes exactly 0 gallons of oil.
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    How you making out with the Liebert Chillers? I have never been able to find oil capacity on their chillers.

    Why not just ask us what units (with complete model and serial) you are looking for oil capacities for?

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    The Liebert chillers only have about 10-14 oz .

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