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    Training classes

    Can anyone recommend any good training classes in the Northeast on screw and cetrifugal chillers? Or maybe any good books. I do not work on them much but am interested in them. The only thing I have found is Carrier. Thanks

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    get that post count up, there is some interesting literature on the pro side

    & put an email addy in that profile
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    Most of the manufacturers' product specific training "away" classes that cost $$$$.$$ may be way over your head until you get some hands-on wrench time and a sound understanding of the basics. If you haven't already, hook up with a local contractor that does heavy commercial/industrial HVAC and chiller service. This may prove easier said than done in some areas.

    Another good for you to do is find the local Trane office and see what kind of training classes they offer. I am absolutely serious about this. The classes that are put on by the local offices are a great value, can be a great introduction to the basics, and they usually supply you with a lot of literature.
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