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    It takes longer to do it right than to do it half #$%. I just take my time and check everything. I called the tech today and just told him what I did yesterday and his words to me were 40 degrees of superheat at evaporator is ok I would have walked away, don't change the valve. I just sighed and said whatever.

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    I am a service manager and what I always like to see in cases like this is, first and foremost do the right thing and correct the issues as you did. Second I would rather my techs tell each other about substandard work, and if talking does not solve it I want to be informed right away. As mentioned take photos of the work so there can be no question of how it was.
    Some times service managers can be fooled by smooth talking techs because we want to believe everything is good, but we do wise up after some time and see these things. We need techs like you to remind us sometimes that not everything is not as it seems.
    After your conversation with this tech I would want to know about this guy.
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    If your company is making money and the customer is stupid enough to keep calling you guys , then that's what will help keep the economy going in your area.

    I'd would tell the guy how much you had to do and ask him if it ever made temp like that. If he has any conscience , he'd feel bad. If he feels bad , he should buy you lunch for a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sac View Post
    Might be laziness, might be cheap customers, might be a guy who was never taught properly. Continue to do quality work yourself. Build a good rapport with the customers. Drop hints to them to ask for you when they place a service call, or to say "Just don't send(fill in tech's name here)" The shop will get the hint. This way the customer is throwing crappy tech under the bus, not you.
    I had a customer tell me the other day, "I can tell that YOU know what you are doing." I had to explain that it wasn't bad work on the other guy's part, just a failure that he could not have foreseen.

    Do great work, and the customer will ask for YOU.

    And, as JP said, take pics. I take pics all the time.

    You don't even need to send them to anyone.

    At least, not this week.....
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    I feel your pain. Worked for 27 years in the cryogenic gases service trade, trained by good people who cared about quality. Came to HVAC/R full time just over a year ago although brought many of the necessary skills with me, electrical, brazing, troubleshooting and low temp refrigeration repair knowledge and other experiences. And I see what you are talking about all of the time in this field. It was uncommon in my old line of work. I just don't get it over here. I wouldn't tell your boss. Seems as if it is more about fitting in rather than quality work these days. But certainly take pictures.

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    Sounds like he's craving a knuckle sandwich

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    Always a tough call. I got my a$$ chewed by a store manager for stretching the truth around the building trying to cover for another tech, a friend at the time. Swore I would never put myself in that position agin. Spoke to him, as a friend, and was cussed and told to mind my own business. Went to boss, not to squeel, and simply told him I would rather not follow that tech. He was let go soon after and blamed me. No good way to handle these things. That being said, no matter how you handle it, remember YOU did not cause the problem. Good luck.

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