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Thread: Combo sensors

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    Combo sensors

    Anyone know of a temp/humidity/diff pressure combo sensor or meter
    or panel available?

    I have a operating room that I need to control all 3 conditions.

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    You could do accurate differential witgh a Dwyer magnahelic transmitter.

    Humidity and space temp should be easy enough to find

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    I've done many of these projects and never had an combo sensor. I place a Setra (Typically a 265) above the ceiling or in the hallway for DP and a Setra Temp/RH sensor on the wall in the space.

    If you need to display the values on a panel in the OR I usually use a little LCD (many vendors) and use 4-20mA and place both the panel and the display on the sensor loop so they both see the same signal. No chance of someone accidentally commanding and output and messing up the display, etc.


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    I have never seen this type of combination.

    Easy to find a Temp/RH/Co2 combination from various vendors.

    We typically use Veris for Differential Pressure because it has a LCD display and they are easy to setup along with a 0-10vdc output.

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