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Anyway, dan_sw's figures are pretty close except for the CFM;
translating from the cheap temp/humidity meters I dropped inside
the ductwork I get 67 db / 60 wb on return, and 52 db / 51 wb on the
supply -- which is taken a few feet from the AHU; I don't have direct
access to the top of the coil but IR-shooting the distro box on top
[from a piece of black tape stuck on it, or the joint mastic, because
IR guns don't like bare galvanized] I see the duct temp right around 50
so the air coming out right there has to be just shy of saturated.

For most of the run in question, the whole shebang [outdoor + indoor units] was drawing about 3.2 amps at 240V or 768 watts. That's a pretty modest compressor speed.

Anyway, there's a buttload more data to romp around in. Gotta
go dump another bucket!

hvacrmedic and myself BOTH came up with ~ 600 CFM based on ~52'F coil temp.