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I drive a company piece of crap Ford E-250 with a 170,000 miles on it. They buy the gas and pay for repairs. So I don't complain. The AC and radio still works, I think when it comes to a life end I'll be looking at the 50 cent per mile refund for my own vehicle.
Is this something that your employer has alluded to or is this something that your wanting to do?

That's all I care about is that come the end of the day that POS starts and the A/C works.

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Yea, but was it at three in the afternoon on a friday?
Always a lot of fun.
No, but the one that always comes to mind was the friday afternoon and going by the word of someone else that the pumps were in hand that served all of the tenants WSHP's for a big, busy strip mall. I've never had more people yelling at me at one time!