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    My friend had instaled this Bruyant a/ condeser:
    113RNA042-A ,TXU nor the SEER rating,
    also the coil on air handler Bryant was repaced and the linset,
    also i did not know if it s Puron or freon ,wasn't quiet either when running.IS this a builders series, please psot a Bryant web site for these systems i could not see on Bryant site .
    I have a Carreir Infinity system 58 MVp, and Performance sereis 13 Seer condenser 3 ton ,is very quiet.[less than year old]. Thanks GY

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    That is an entry level Bryant 13 SEER unit. We are starting to see them on new construction jobs. It shouldn't be that noisy, it would depend on how it was installed. That unit uses R-22 refrigerant.

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    3 1/2 ton, 13 SEER, R22, not sure about a TXV though it probably does have one. That's a builders model.
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    Bryant info

    Do you have a website about thsi unit fro mBryant please ?

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    None of the outdoor units have TXV valves, but TXVs are required for the indoor coils. This series of units is the introductory unit and is not shown on the public web site. There is a site for all literature but it requires password access. All information you need should be contained in the installation instructions that came with the unit.
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